Thursday, November 25, 2010

Imperceptible Holy Day

The slow day of a holiday, restful
but stressful for the responsible.
Dire gathering in days prior of presence
and presents are required.
The gift of plates full of feasts,
often a finale sitting at the end table.

The babies and ladies of tradition
swoon as men swagger in swath.
In a family of rendition, members
know to clean their plates.
The written tablet of customs,
joint in characteristics for God.

Adult fellowship in reserved remarks
of the Cross, as babies crawl across
the floor of the converted by
revolutionary revelations acquired from loss.
Shifting votes in transient silence
as the Lord and world quilters off balance.

The complexity of dexterity,
in regards to the nationals for today,
sits at a dinner with the familiar,
for family is what they made and gave.
The rising cups’ ovation, high above in praise
for the safe return for a better way.

Civility supposes if a neighbor, is a stranger
the hand reaches out to shake them.
If the corner is an owner of the children’s
propensity for order, then circumvent
and circumspect to give them what they think,
fairness plus equality in level distribution.

A person in fashion returns to compound
the passion of early youthful beginnings.
Praise, grace and gratitude creates
and challenges attitudes for traditions,
in alias as holidays reveal nooks in hearts
of origin, all sit still for quick momentum.

For now, for this day is restful to peaceful
while we speak of humane space and humanity.
Give thanks for the highest and the mighty
for devoted spirits to greet in solidarity.
Gratitude for the good in mankind as
the hands reach to touch cultivated dualities.

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