Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Purveyors of Trust

Reminiscing soldiers of past fortunes absconded by present presence
caught in concocted fabrication, restless like bone-filled calumniation.
The spirit is slant with comprehension in the rape of innocence, lost in transit
while the solidity of integrity and identity slid across the hands of time. 

The brotherhood of verisimilitude abated to falsehood
as the ranks of corruption ruptured a gratuitous and benign land.
The residue of restitute rests in the realities of the vehemently solemn
learning to rectify an elapse, in prior antiquities for proper future passing. 

Raucous indignation raised a sleeping nation as the civility of rights
rumbled in the Bronx and the warfare of streets battled
like crusts of bread, cut off from the value of a whole brick.
Such a heavy loaf led the heaps into cuffs linked to the aristocratic.

A synchronic and diplomatic democracy became the identity of many
while infringement was just beginning as class dollars left the weak smaller.
Sentiment of the world class commitment to inheritance of work
equivalent to the existence of common feats and communal citizens.

Feet’s were stepped upon by the prudent intellect of the sycophants
who slaved for the psychopaths of these days, for fear of loose change
culminates into hoarding countrywide riches, squandering in depleting possessions.
The essence of a psychological globe in hostage to capital, not spiritual lessons. 

The trick of fools within numbers, results in murders that asunder generations. 
The delineation of the depletion of sound, sense and strength reinforces
the character of concern and compassion to be inclined to implement fortitude
with purpose to hide underground while reserved bravery pitches its own sound.

Although, zest rests with zealots, the signs of crime and crass crookedness
and the demoralization, degradation and detention of unscrupulous decadence
demands a recount in consumerist pews of worship, the world wobbles in unrest.
Rise to call upon the prudent purveyors of truth to become endwise holders of trust.

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