Monday, December 13, 2010

The Sum of Sons

In growth, some evolve getting older, others get bolder
the boys of the hoods become rebels in the midst
the dis is irrelevant for those solid, soldiers of essence
redefined and refined, the strength of one becomes sums
the relevance of extinguished sons in flight for diligence

Revive to survive the rectitude of attitude
growing eyes never lie the spoken terse of verse
they remain the same song, the unwritten words are undone
get back, step forward, work to the side but push to ride higher
the juke of a player, dominion of those who run to be number one

Catch the star, shooting across the playing field
they never yield in being the toughest to leave the rest of us
breathing dust of their fight to brightness, incognito to everyone
within joint endeavors, the shuffle moves a planet by axis
shifting latitude, the world revolves around a richer sun

The brotherhood and fatherhood of unitary context
the contest of sisters revealed for a later endless concept
bring forth them who revitalize the strength of man
the Holyland requested their presence for those Earthbound
Street thug eloquence brought forth deliverance’s hand

A generalization of generations, the boys regained again,
the men of days protested from rights stripped naked
the skin within transpired bravery to emerge once more
at a time when the Earth stood still from stolen looted toils
the dignification of reiteration is once again reborn

Shot like cupid’s narrow arrow, in the state of mind of crime
another gains momentum in the climb to open mindedness
resolute in historical maintenance, once again the eyes reveal
Revelations, as ties to lineal DNA finds past pupils instilled
for and by all man kindreds looking to usher in a new deal

Reinstate the greats, the men who stood up in spite
the wretch and wrecked walk against the Eight
the beginning of nights rests solely wiith O.V. Wright
for the motherless child rests while the nucleus of soul
gives a nickel and a nail because that’s how strong my love is

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