Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Innocence Lost

O Lord in thy honor, doth ye regard complacency?
For the youth of a new dawn and spirits ancient
fall privy to smugness of our sour stealth indecencies. 
Foretelling of rape and plunder of innocent humanity.

From the stars, render knowledge to mortal entities.
The trinity of Heaven's gate holds I in suspension 
as time trickles along the lines of three dimensions, 
who calls upon Thee in a dilated pursual of deliverance.

Free reign, like how the sun hung highly in the sky.
Moving across a blue divide upon the ceiling of Earth.
A bud of a babe plucked in dirty soil from barren,
found a baron, blushing in embarrassment.

Such the crass of civility formed a wreath,
thorns prominent in the bath of life, as a child
bleeds upon the fertility of progeny for time
shook foundations and in shaking revealed Revelations.

Weep and wipe the tears of a youthling
for once an Earthling, approached request
for entrance unto the immortality of innocence.
The Lord's transference became a convergence.

The soul in flight, must stay in fight for the deeds
of our spirit's sweat and undertakings in contrition.
Moons pass across an Atlantic voyage as a jejune 
seeks to lite fire and become an apprentice of prudence.

The arts of sculpted minds brushed the color of winds.
In an epicurean European remembrance, such eyes 
need not deceive as the blood of a Son touched
a young one to move direction from rupture and division.

A sullen child finds substance in the bosom of self.
Silence, the bell rings and strength echos against fatality.
A witness emerges in an interchange of varied personages 
and lands upon the terrestrial sphere of a planet.

A new language in the macroscopic tongue 
of an empyrean child foremost matured in-between
space and time, in breath and in breadth of a squanderer.
A voice commences, "Our Father, which art in heaven."

The Divine Comedy’s Empyrean illustrated by Gustave Dore.