Friday, November 12, 2010

Vacuum of Space

Truth for a fascist resistance rests in temptation for distortion.  
The wanderer faces lies tangled in delineation.  
The derisive are divided and undecided on what is commonly known.  
The falsetto of fears resonates within the inner ear, 
as the inner soul tramples to obliterate the obvious for a sense of self.  

A fake ear relies on blind eyes to guide their blocked spirit from God.  
Thick skins are not the same as thick skulls, 
as the strong nullifies the factions and reactions of deception.  
The color of spirits live within varieties of colored skins.

The universality of combined ethnicity culminates 
the Earth’s beginnings from the concepts and precepts 
of the unknown but waiting on testimonials.  
Within passages and studies of priorities 
a generated society works towards the refusal of man-made concepts of design.  

The flash mob in false resistance mettle and melts the mind 
in cranial subjugation of beliefs to bend to the belonging of physicality.  
With God’s material essence intertwined with scientifical DNA, 
we are of particles in space and time.  
In the end rising from the ashes and falling back into dust, 
the spirit remains eternal in the vacuum of space.

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