Attempt to Humor

Survival Guide to If the World Spits in Your Space

§  If someone comes to you and spits in your face, lick it like you like it and know you have their DNA. 
§  If someone comes and curses every nasty, dirty, filthy word he can think of laugh as he missed a few.
§  He/She has freedom of speech and you have the right to remain silent.
§  If a person spits with a deadly disease like AIDS, then plot for vengeance as he’s going down before you are. 
§  If someone goes after your children then you take them down immediately. 
§  You have the right to bear arms.
§  Once the zombiathian is in your scope, you target, aim and shoot and pray that God sends you to hell because you know there is someone on Earth protecting your good name in the name of justice.
§  On your trip to hell you drag every bit of evil, suffering, anguish, denial, sickness that you can grab in that tunnel of bloodedness.  So those on the surface have just a little less burden to carry. 
§  If you reach the depths of hell, you get up and battle again.
§  If you make it through each level, remain victorious till that day comes that the hand of God comes down to pick you out from the crowd. 
§  You have the right to believe in Jesus, God and the Trinity. 
§  If you live on another plane on the planet and know Buddha, Allah or Jah or perhaps no images of divinity like the Tao, Brahman or Zen, you also have the right to them.
§  Whether your East, West, North or South, never have doubt about yourself. 
§  You are being and in a relationship with the Heavens.
§  If you choose to spit back in the space of others, you have consequences in action.
§  If you do it with malice and painful purpose you have karma that will devour your wellness.
§  In the depths of darkness, do not fear because deaths in bodies do not endure the spirits of time.
§  If you walk lightly in the steps of a child, your emotions will revel in all that is mild. 
§  Spend some time thinking about what I said, but if you actually do what you read, you’re just plain stupid instead.