Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Written as I pass money back and forth, as a darn clerk and sometimes I can't help but feel the skin.  Some who've reviewed it thought it was about prostitution. Nope, just a simple time that flesh meets flesh- innocently.  Rare thing to care about something so small.  Whatever, poetically could use some work. 


As I go for the pass, I dip low
barely grazing the skin.
Unbridled call to get to the meet
but not justified to grab bones.

A small fetish I know, a requisition
and the need to touch.
Many weighty souls undaunted
by my subtle pounce.

Commerce and trade,
hand in hand,
the goods are passed.

The clientele is usually callus,
in-between slick and severe in degrees.
It's always the supple, plush, plump ones
that heighten my immediate response.

Consumed by my attempts to touch,
having an avid appetite for waves hello,
or up high, down low, uh too slow,
with pinkie promises, unseen and aside.

Just looking for the one, the some,
to take my five digits up high,
often seen the shakes of fists,
or the playful trysts of indifferent
or conscientious wits.

I subtly go unrestraint towards the skin,
just to sample, taste a life that lives within.

Ten digits unfolds unto to
a small palm reader's hand.

I am a Japanese truth fish that wishes to lay down.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Step Back

Standing against the rail,
You trip and flail as they push you down.
Towering above, dirtying your very soul with soiled spit
Screaming their spoils in war.

Thinking they are formidable
As they trample and trash you
Wondering if you are as weak
As they wish and want you to be.

Elevating their ego and erroneous nature
Vicious but entertained
As you stand in front of evil
Encountering the end.

The dust rising like a cloud
Relinquishing the results
As a battlefield clears amidst
The clashing Gods of mortals.

Men gathered from conquest
Move with cause and effect
To capture the core character
Of creatures concerted to care.

Adulations and admiration
Are like angled arrows
Aimed to pierce and infiltrate
The ashes in the arena.

Reaching the hearts of hardcore men
Armed with self made armor
Steadily sending help along the way
The arrow tip rebounds and recoils.

The sounds of defeat are silenced
As stealth warriors stride step by step,
Standing side by side,
As they severe others in awe to step aside.

Because they required to be first
Because they heard the cries
Because they ignored the fight
You must command them to step back.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In Spiral

If inspiration was a flat
colorful roll of paper,
I'd press it,
then punch holes in it,
shred it to pieces,
cut it up into bits,
and put it in a cannon.

Then on the days
that are mulled
and terribly dull,
I'd take it out
and shower you
with what I saved
as confetti.

We could sit
and commiserate
how the long sheet
of colored paper
came to be
as we sift through
the tiny piles
of hope.

Age of Twilight

Inspired by my trip to Europe written several years later

Age of  Twilight

Scholars and dreamers gazed out
unto night's obscurity,
merely to see indigo mist
rise, fall and disappear,
evasive to watchful eyes.

Speculation and yearning
overcame them as
the moon waned in
weightless play while
nighttime inched along
in anticipation of daylight.

The night's light gave reprieve
from the darkness living
in the hearts of those
without hope, compassion
and ingenuity.

Candlelight gave them sight
through sequestered nights
seeing that thoughts opened
against dim shadows that
danced in their minds.

Flickers of hope
permeated throughout
evening, reaching out and
forcing their way into
the nocturnal subconscious. 

In tandem, the cosmos
facilitate to stellar lit rooms
holding gratified minds
hung humbly to find
a world of truth, desire,
passion and civility.

A world where all men
touched by enlightenment
exist and move with the desire
to share their intellect
and knowledge.

While the quills are wet
and sharply moving,
dialogue and diction
become records and
scored for point and time.

The moon and candle nights
prevail to close the gap
reaching and entering
dark cracks in measure.
As faint minds heed along with vigor ,
they bind judgment
necessary to lay down.

Those lasting dance
among the many
candles amassed,
feeding generations,
sons and daughters,
by the fire given to man.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wow did I really write that, cont.?

Going over some writings and its been a long time since I sat down to read them.

I gather grass and  greet flowers
On summer afternoons. 

You’ll often find me crying
because a flower never bloomed. 

With a pen or a stick
I like to draw out  what I see.

I am in the form of a rumbling bumblebee.

Floating, flying up around but never  flying free.

A bit of a puzzle?
Shake the box if you agree. 

Don’t cry as the pieces fall out for you to do as you  please.

Steam Engine/blowing off steam
I suck at poetry, suck ,suck, suck, suck , suck.

Want to taste my blood?

Cant master the feat, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud.

Critics don’t trample me!

Can’t keep the beat, rush, rush, rush, rush, rush.

Will you wait with me?

I ‘just in infancy, putt, putt, putt, putt, putt.

Car, come hit me!

I lost my blood as I heard the thud.
Trampling me, they rush and wait as my pulse goes putt, putt,….putt.

I have fear, I have pain.
I have numbness in my brain.
I have dreams, I have passion.
I have love underneath the shame.
I am normal, I am crazy. 
I am somewhere in-between.
I am dark, I am light. 
I am opaque like the ocean sea.
I have color, I have warmth.
I plead insanity.

Repetition in loom.
Deception leads to doom.
Misconception is to be dismayed.
Destruction is chaos at play.

Demolition is man’s way to deconstruct.

Insurrection is a way to fight. 
Communication is about the bright. 
Conception is a word for start.
Connection is about body and heart.

Perfection is a frame of mind.
Direction is standing right in line.
Intention does not fit in time.
Selection is the wiser wine.

Acception is awful kind.
Affection is the heart of mine.
Celebration is feeling fine.
Presentation is a gift that shines.

Revolution is about the rhyme.
Creation is destined to be God’s time.

Rhythm rebels reign
Conscious lyrics move the groove.
Jah revolution.

Insurrection instigates independence and the individual.

Words for Wisdom
Constant worry about a selfish ego
is the well half empty or full?
Speechless fear splashes
with every bucket pulled.

Still to chance
is far better
than to

I Am Not What You Want
I am not a dreamer.
I am a realist.

I’ve lived too much to be sitting on cloud nine.
I still have work to do.

I am not a conformist.
I am a rebel.

I sit comfortably in a hectic crowd.
I have strength of my own from within.

I am not an infant.
I am a playful child.

I know how to play crazy games.
My goal is to make you smile.

I remember the past.
I live in the present.

I was once broken, shattered and bruised.
I clearly remember who did what, when and to whom.

I am not a talker.
I am a thinker.

I have screamed silently on mountaintops.
I can hear reeds bending silently in the wind.

I have lost too many battles.
I am with passion that ignites the fight.

I am not a daughter of Whistler.
I am an abstract picture.

Short and Surmised

I like to hide
Within my mind
Maybe seen
Within a glance
in your eye

I am stoic
In the darkness
At home am I
Enjoying the depths
I plunder
Into unknown

Comforted with less
than affectionate pleasure
Waiting for some to know
Sitting in weathered torment
Storm subsides against
Ones eyes glows

Can you come and search
Can you seek to find
Are you in lurk
To destroy a delicate mind
Residual lingering shot
Like morphine to ones
own thought

Simple rhyme time on a complicated issue is like writing on tissue

These poems are somewhat a simplistic look at patriotism and how I feel about the U.S.  They had been reviewed as oversimplified with its rhyme scheme but it worked for me as I attempted to get a message across.  It would be nice to redo them with a more classical approach to poetry and with a more structured format. After looking at them, I see an adolescent mind at work.

Pleas and Please
Whispering nations look upon us the notorious, the infamous U.S.
The people and the land are good and gracious.
To their President, why do you hate us?
Foreign countries depleted of resources ending up in the hands of the armed forces.
Gangsters, guns and government do not make an equal opportunity parliament.
We are humble people with humble roots, yet you still steal, rob and shoot.
Governments make up hypocrisy, while spirited people seek out intimacy.
Fight and holler all you want to, God, Buddha, Allah ought not to.
One nation, one people, under God, this is not exclusive to the U.S. at all.
The people of earth, they understand, those who work hard with human hands.
They are the ones who respect Mother Earth and the land, you see it is one of God's great command.
Cha Ching
Trade and sell is the American dream.
Is this slogan only for the creme de la cream?
Tough and troubling decisions lay at the common man's feet.
Wise and wicked minds waver, balance and fight to compete.
Equal the system because the rich and the poor
is going to result in the end event of war.
Ask Ron Artest how his day in Detroit was?
A man just being true to his own blood rush.
He beat a man down to fight the fan's fuss.
Pumping his muscles because he had quite enough.
Money had nothing to do with his needs.
He started fighting for what he believed.
Celebrities, stars, live the life of the rich and the famous.
These stories just keep getting more and more heinous.
We see corporate criminals hide their assets in the Caymans.
TV just gave a million a show to one man named Raymond.
$33,000 for one minute on a half hour sitcom?
$.12 a minute- minimum wage is most deftly wrong.
Money opens the door to the way of the world.
For the lucky have names like Christian Dior.
Wonderful wishes and necessary needs,
Meet where the young and old often concede.
Spirited people choose to find balance.
Chances and choices emerge from the challenge.
Children of all nations need food and clothes.
Their mothers need a chance for their lives to unfold.
Taken from the hungry and poor simple people,
All that they want is to earn their own staple.
Corporations with greed try to but cannot hide,
From those who believe in themselves and have pride.
America are you Babylon reborn?
The rest of the world still seems war torn.
Problems evolving and plaguing the Nation.
George W. Bush believes in war instead of cessation.
Is it money he sees flowing in oil?
Is it because the U.S. lacks it in its own soil?
People, educate yourself from the masses.
Remember the words of the biblical passages.
Babylon rose with lust and greedy desire.
America this seems like the life you acquire.
Greed and deceit, is it the American dream? 
The powers that be is still the creme de la cream.
Do you hear the ching ching of slot machines?
Or do you hear pennies drop while young children scream?
As the numbers get larger the words multiply.
Maybe this is the ultimate reason for such massive lies.
Hundreds and thousands of dollars drown common sense.
Are you a person still willing to sit on the fence?
People with money act like they have certain rights.
The cost of their thinking does not make them bright.
When poor people are constantly beat,
They will tear down the nice and the neat.
Money is here and money is gone.
My mind keeps questioning what on earth has gone wrong.
Wonder why poor people can't make the grade.
While the rich people complain about their lack of shade.
Ignorance is tool for those who have bliss.
Information is the only thing that's amiss.
Comfortable society doesn't mess with numbers.
It is these folk who choose to slumber.
Warmth, wisdom and knowledge,
Adding two plus two does not require college.
Complacency is not for the meek.
The true and the strong will build upon what we speak.
Once in time, Columbus sailed the seven seas
disregarding myths with convicted curiosity.
Italian born but bonded by Spanish domain,
for better or for worse, surrendered to Great Britain's claim.
America, Americus or Asia, reason to relearn history's ABC's.
Admiral, six hundred years later, ignorance is still in the lead.
Unwise politicians with suffering citizens still among us today,
with power passed and spread much like a Shakespearean play.
Shakespeare’s players suffered from deception, doom, dishonor and death.
Americans, we are losing due to demand, distribution and the most intangible deficit.
No doubt, we share the heart of a united nation.
I strain to give voice to our blind dedication.
Understand purple mountains, green hills and yellow valleys.
Wonder who else will surrender to our closest allies?
I am a foreigner in this warring nation.
Like Columbus, I seek my own emancipation.
My lack of knowledge continues to ask emphatically,
“Are you still deployed by her regal Majesty?”
For, if I were to tell you the world is round?
Would you believe me if I was white, yellow, black or brown?
Remember, I too have stood on the shores of Tripoli
and protested when the world played the same tricks on me.
Scholars discern Columbus once sailed that flat sea.
I too am the hyphenated American that has come to be.
AMERICANS, can't you hear my plea?
We are the same people with the same history.
Are you still played by Shakespeare's despairing fate or are
you the revolutionarily conscious who keenly participates?
Foreign Exchange
They come to the land of the great,
the red, white and blue,
our 50 star state flag waving
and beckoning them to land
on the shores of One nation under God.
World comrades arrive
in the fight for better lives ,
shedding their prior coat of arms
as they reach for
the great American dream.
Innocent new faces
spread across the Great Divide,
gaining amateur perspective
all in quest of homeland evaluation.
For unburdened eyes
new adventure awaits.
As old eyes grace their presence
we foolishly sit in disgrace
trying to make them speak One language
with attempt to change their spiritual grounding
to cater to our whim,
mocking them for they are not One of us,
but more like foreign matter in our eyes.
Our country’s truth offers
no apologies or ratifications
for the errors in the process of creating
this One nation.
A country founded by disease warfare
and race elimination.
A country co-founded by the cosigning fathers
signatures resolute in mitigating
modus operandi for freedom,
inherently concocted by confusion
in rank and race,
recounted 200 years later.
This country’s current residents
refuse to see the evolution of politics
within inconsistent procedures and policies
advocating only for the elite and the rich.
Democratic commerce and trade with commodity
similar to a slave market.
Currently living with unsolved mysteries
lurking behind presidential assassinations
and in the denial of extraterrestrial existence
or alien spaceships,
employing services like a military obligations
that require asking no questions and receiving no answers.
For killer of tribes and owners of captured men
make mark in the land of the brave,
yet we find new minds, hopes and dreams
still coming to the Grand Station.
The hustle and bustle of life and struggle
and the dream of free will invites them.
They come in representation of foreign countries
honed in on tradition and cultural customs.
Adding to the recipe of democracy
and equality in a masses of ideas,
if only they knew justice
was not equally rationed for  individual peace.
Why do they come?
What do they offer?
With the right to take a breath
With the right to learn lessons
from vast landscapes within hearts
and to shake the hands of fellow men.
To be one among many.