Thursday, November 11, 2010

Adjudication or Repudiation

The fantastical fanatical financiers of yesteryear yielding progression of potential people.  Government purpose is not to ensure the few but for the moral majority in the status of equality.

The signs of the dollar are signals of dopamine for the wanton exigency of paupers.   Treason in the trivial transaction of taxes, totality of government security for laissez faire is the for the succubus elite.

The existence of greed rather than generosity is a coup de grace of the intelligent but vital for the dissension in mortal human beings.  The request in redefined rules of engagement for the inclusion of grace, civility and continuity.  

Endowment left to disgrace in the dissatisfaction of freedom as the parsimonious dictate the covetousness of Godly gifts disguised in the right to consume.  The directive incorporated from the beginning of time to the end of it for true purpose embodied by a generation.  

The test of time for today in totalitarian authority for adulteration and adulation for material longing dismissing true belonging.  The hands of the greedy gather to grope closely to the gratifications of the Lord and placing a price tag on each and every notion that righteously leads others to the stars in the sky. .

The hand of God shall smite the sanctimonious sorrow of leans, loans and loss of gold like poisonous lead, beryllium or radium of the Earth.  Dried entities trying to absorb water and light to sustain substance but lacking efficiency, authenticity and actuality in matters of the character, caress and courage.  

The Heavens protect men and their spiritual alliances from sins of self centered and contrite sucklings.  The resolution of the living soul illuminates the tenderness and temperament of the past responding to the purpose of restitution.  

May it please the highest courts of universal advocates and couriers for the realignment of our individual selves within the blessings of a world atlas advantageous for all.  The self-reliant history of experience and divine friendships rely on worldly empiricism.

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