Monday, September 27, 2010

A Parent's Vow

I knew of you before we met,
a slight vision in my head.

I heard of your heart
in the music we had.

My body moved up
and down with your breath.

Together tied by birth
we became three.

I should have seen the signs.
I should have backed down.

You should have watched the road.
You should have carried a crown.

I didn't want thorns around my head
you were to bring wreaths of flowers instead.  

Bitterness replaced by fruits and endeavors
You and I said, “Whatever.”

When I was weak and a worm
you stood strong and firm.

When I imagined all was at an end.
We looked at her and stayed to pretend.

Parenting is live and learn.
Marriage is breathing in turn.

They said it wouldn’t last.
They didn’t see us when we laughed.

Many years of love and hate
released by our children’s fate.

A testament of strength.
Foolishly, we sat on the fence.

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