Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Stone Refusal

Some of us are stoics and like stautues, some are gargoyles poisted high above the churches and buildings watching humans and their evil deeds, vigilant in protecting the home and their position.  The arguing souls of those under and on the Earth's surface.  

The might of the protectors observe and contest the atrocities of denials with the grief of the lost things and forgotten times of yesterday.  The eyes of cupid blinded by the rage of the insidious demise of those who follow without heart in their souls.  

The benevolent generously raise their hands in prayer and in shakes, while falling at times to lower their heads to shake off the evil deeds of others.  The cherished are cherubs in disguise hiding behind stolid formalities regarding the impressive amongst the unimpressed.  

The giants of this century speak solemnly and quietly while entering the Church of God.  Their is no dissatisfaction amongst them until they leave the guarded gates and mingle with those on the outside. Serenity shatters against the window pains of stained spirits recessing from vitality.  

Shadow phantoms with tepid speech and tight lips of insolent and impudent temperaments tempt fate, fortune, the future and the Father.  The finale raises the indignant to levels of impunity tucked in-between karma and a nonexistent preexistence unknown to those without the history of homogeneousness.  

Histrionics replicates the melodramatic balderdash of the supersonic foreknowledge of a brilliant, radiant and phosphorescent throne.  The scintillate stars reach down to lift up their own. Growing descendants of mental vigor stand in sand and stone for some are shown through science, spirit and study that all roads led to home.

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