Monday, September 13, 2010

Reason and Roots of the Rastaman

Rhyme, rhythm and reason require righteous readings 
revealing and relinquishing revolution in Revelations 
retaining redemption….rest Rasta…requesting 
restitution in reformed repatriation.
African actualities attained and applied again 
for all acclaimed Afro aligned associates 
to arise above and acknowledge the Almighty.
Solidify and sanctify Solomon’s seal 
with salvation and salutations…soon seen sight 
surrounded by samplings of sweet sound systems.
Trials and tribulations, troubled by treacherous tyranny 
are trumped by triumphant teachings…tales of truth 
tailored tightly to the Trinity.
Albums alit and alive along airwaves 
attributing and aiming ahead at 
agreement and action already accepted, 
advised and akin to Abyssinia.  
Music mirroring a mystic man manifested in marijuana 
maintains morals and magnitude, marking misguided men… 
manipulators of man-made misgivings and malicious misunderstanding… 
mek mon mash up massive.  
Almshouses allow allusions…. 
although accountable alliances allocate ambassadors 
against ailments in Armageddon.
Negus Nagast notably named Nesta, narrator of Niyabinghi…. 
necessitating noble negations in negative notions….. 
nonetheless natural in Nine mile navigation.   
New nationals and natives now near  NYC, 
neighboring Narragansett Bay to New Orleans to National City 
and nurturing Newcastles in New Delhi, the Netherlands, 
Nicaragua and Namibia crossing back to Nottingham and Nagasaki, 
natty…nice up.

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