Monday, September 27, 2010

To the Good Doctor

I can give you a name
because you offered it freely.

My small and contrite voice
only offered mine meekly.

Your demeanor was small
so at last we were equals.

You quietly asked what
happened to such people.

You invited me out
on a nice sunny day.

Just to breathe in the air
and feel the warm basking rays.

You strolled while
I trotted on uneven feet.

My mind often wandered
as I thought of defeat.

“I will not abandon”
was your unspoken statement.

I looked forward and saw
past my dark unlit basement.

I can remember a story
about a man walking
alone on the beach.

Deep in his sorrow,
he asked God just to speak.

God told him,
he wasn’t alone.

Forget not it was He
who was carrying him home.

Footprints in the sand
may only be prose.

Thankfully, you stood
to the challenge you chose.

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