Monday, September 27, 2010

Charlie Brown

The long forgotten Charlie Brown,
he’s in the race for his life. 
Quite wishy washy at times,
his fight is still quite a delight.

As he trips and falls,
stumbles to get up,
he can’t hear the crowd
as they yell to hurry up.  

With his shoes untied,
he's so disadvantaged,
cursing and panting
about such silly antics.

Is he first or last or in-between? 
Does he have a reasonable time to beat?
Darn dog, Snoopy where can he be? 
Is that dog running along CB? 

Chuck is back there at the end,
looks around and sees his friends.
Linus, Pigpen, Schroeder and crew
aughh, the mad race ensues.

Hmm...Snoopy soon
passed him by,
slobbering and smiling
as his alter ego can fly. 

Ohh...Red Baron's on the attack
his little yellow bird right in back.
Upside down in chaotic tailspins
silly little Woodstock is poised for the win.

Sighing and wondering, "When will it end?"
His big head is on the next event.
All he needs is to catch his breath
but most of all to thank the Ref. 

“Thank you sir, I’ve had enough,
the competition...heavy and awful tough. 
Today I won last place, tomorrow,
I promise to pick up the pace."

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