Saturday, October 2, 2010


Devastation and reticulation
the oozing, pouring soul ponders
without thought, raping the good
of feeble minds engendered in trauma.

Elevate the past with equity
that sums of collections passed
onto another's delicate whole.
Move towards faith and continuance.

Hand the heart to gentle
and refined natures
rather than reiterate
the raucous severance of predetermination.

Relieve the mind as it relives
the tragic didactic prose
of painful putrid punishment.
Propose another salvation.

The band aid of the brain
unravels and binds the heart,
the loose lips of lust
reinstates the disgust and self loathing.

Reclaim the parts that pride
pulled inside the body
to the mind and heart.
The sour and sick tear it apart.

It is not your choice or was it ever
yours to respond to or
perhaps that was a part
of the game you allowed, too?

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