Friday, December 31, 2010

Relief and Release

To envy those with water eyes,
I befell to such a demise.
Gentle tears that flows through empathy
I succumbed, disgraced by sympathy.
The ducts of salutations runs deep underneath.

I am closer to tin hats and automobiles
which wheel towards motels and hotels.
The adjacent water works of utility
comfortably sits in human dignity.
The monopoly of emotions fell inside a soul.

Indignant, resilient, there was no rest for wickedness
crimes upon a chest gave no allowance for frivolousness.
Shaken by a world realized by deliverance,
I sat under trees in remittance.
The Buddha slivers in the austere moon ascetic. 

Two fold or three fold, the envelope unfolds
in time sequenced to golden scrolls untold.
The words reveal revolutions and restitution
for the sins of man lie in Confucian devolution. 
The teacher arises from battle in shadows realms of wisdom.

Time and honor responds to despondent voice and choices.
A man’s vocal constraint tied against the massive noises.
I live in a slumbering nation against a grain of salt
my silence reiterates against request of who’s at fault. 
The truth and reliance begins within three conscious states.

Feelings of commiseration and clemency,
first responders to condolences and mercy
the spiritual alliance alleviates the shameful pain.
Springs of tears storms the fissure of a soul reopening,
assaulting prior damages towards the reign of hearts living. 

My eyes weary of a world water shed and ripping at the seams. 
The heart gives no privy to the privatization of feelings.
I journey through the anguish and belittlement
of a world forced to work towards entitlement.
No longer live in envy but fight to become One once again.

The Cup of Tears 
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