Thursday, October 7, 2010

Assets of Attraction

She’d been living
        in a man’s dialect
as her didactic mortal self
      designed her own deliverance.  
        The femme fatal fashioned
            the flutter of freedom
  of all humans to tailor
her suited spirit in armour.  
Unlike men with daggers,
  she lacks menagerie.  
                 These fine lines aren’t blurred
    or jarred but rather bold in rhetoric.

She subtly sounds in song
        to sway the moon in dance.  
The elegance does not replicate 
in the masculine but in feminist domain.  
The power of worth determined by
her contours in silhouette and symmetry.  
   She echos refinement and finesse
 steadily consummate in poised form
  of progressive and primitive praise.  
    Her head held flattery in proportion to redress.  
Her beauty balanced in rare and unique formulas,
  flexible for liberty and justice for all.  
She’s a statue of duty.

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