Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fight Falsified Fright

How’d she acquire so many lies? From the fib of a glib and stiff tongue she lied in dangerous and insidious entanglement.  It traced the treason that developed over time.  
An unspoken demolitionist of dauntlessness and self loathing fringed and frayed the ruins of her mask that ran across her hardened face.  

Tears couldn’t cascade or descend downwards but just slid sideways as life’s parameters swayed unbalanced like a teeter totter or like flimflam across her dubiousness nature.  

 The nub in her vascular organ bordered the masculine as she tempted to throw fate in a face or flip away the disgrace.  The spurn of spirits twisted as she spit the soured, sickly bittersweet smack from her lips. 

The deception falsified by her remaining subtle and semi supple lippy mouth.  Reposte shot arrows like spurts of needles sharply attuned to her tongue.  

Her insolence insisted on the ignorant to infer her arrogance as an audit of her prior abominations.  Although, she insists atrocities lie at the mass infringement of her mortal sin.   
She spoke the truth as reposed malfeasance met with dereliction.  She cursed her values of secured silence broken in the sting of scandal.  

Trespass on the sorrowed morals of sanctimonious subterfuge, she sits in selfishness.
The shortcomings of shameful misrepresentations resulting in ridicule and remorseful reproach or perhaps 

the pills of apathy sent numerous neurons and synapses to stifle and stiffen like the unsound heart.  

The unskilled surgeon scrapped the shell of her soul for any remaining remnants of loquaciousness.  Her innocuous integrity was the thin skin she lived in.  Laying to find a solution out of dire institutions and reinstated evolution she held on to her unregistered traits.  

She reinstated misconstrued calculations rather than reiterating whines, whimpering tries or falsified information.  

Burdened by broken synthetic summons, she realigned with the celestial concepts of copious commiseration and compassion from the cruelties of crass deception.  

She drips tears of duplicity as she spoke not while she fell for the heart of man.

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