Friday, May 21, 2010

Step Back

Standing against the rail,
You trip and flail as they push you down.
Towering above, dirtying your very soul with soiled spit
Screaming their spoils in war.

Thinking they are formidable
As they trample and trash you
Wondering if you are as weak
As they wish and want you to be.

Elevating their ego and erroneous nature
Vicious but entertained
As you stand in front of evil
Encountering the end.

The dust rising like a cloud
Relinquishing the results
As a battlefield clears amidst
The clashing Gods of mortals.

Men gathered from conquest
Move with cause and effect
To capture the core character
Of creatures concerted to care.

Adulations and admiration
Are like angled arrows
Aimed to pierce and infiltrate
The ashes in the arena.

Reaching the hearts of hardcore men
Armed with self made armor
Steadily sending help along the way
The arrow tip rebounds and recoils.

The sounds of defeat are silenced
As stealth warriors stride step by step,
Standing side by side,
As they severe others in awe to step aside.

Because they required to be first
Because they heard the cries
Because they ignored the fight
You must command them to step back.

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