Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Age of Twilight

Inspired by my trip to Europe written several years later

Age of  Twilight

Scholars and dreamers gazed out
unto night's obscurity,
merely to see indigo mist
rise, fall and disappear,
evasive to watchful eyes.

Speculation and yearning
overcame them as
the moon waned in
weightless play while
nighttime inched along
in anticipation of daylight.

The night's light gave reprieve
from the darkness living
in the hearts of those
without hope, compassion
and ingenuity.

Candlelight gave them sight
through sequestered nights
seeing that thoughts opened
against dim shadows that
danced in their minds.

Flickers of hope
permeated throughout
evening, reaching out and
forcing their way into
the nocturnal subconscious. 

In tandem, the cosmos
facilitate to stellar lit rooms
holding gratified minds
hung humbly to find
a world of truth, desire,
passion and civility.

A world where all men
touched by enlightenment
exist and move with the desire
to share their intellect
and knowledge.

While the quills are wet
and sharply moving,
dialogue and diction
become records and
scored for point and time.

The moon and candle nights
prevail to close the gap
reaching and entering
dark cracks in measure.
As faint minds heed along with vigor ,
they bind judgment
necessary to lay down.

Those lasting dance
among the many
candles amassed,
feeding generations,
sons and daughters,
by the fire given to man.

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