Monday, June 28, 2010

Silent War

in the art of

Armed with silence,
the enlisted stand firmly
planted in uprooted lawlessness,
locked and stiff only taking time
to breath in new endeavors.

With freedom ringing,
a cadet does not question
integrity or intelligence
because recognition
is without delay.

Within silent refuge,
a trooper lays down weapons
in the surplus of
a diplomatic state of mind.

A silent soldier is on reconnaissance.  

Embattled in insurgent conscious ideas
a guard stands at attention,
deciphering coded justice
and questioning veracious intentions.

Saluting presidential kisses,
service personnel look on 
with smiling eyes
to the young and old,
while protecting the sick
and innocent in parade
around the world.

Voiced, a militant's opinions are deployed
after the argument has offered defeat,
returning home to contend with
others in repudiated combat. 

A silent soldier takes a sniper's shot with precision truth.

Within politics, commandos 
remain on the battlefields
standing between God's judgment
and verdict being lost
to Man's law and order.

Retreating into silence,
a G.I. is fearless,
obtaining strategy
that separates them
from ranking rudimentary dogma.

Reluctantly surrendering
to three words
that form a thinly lined heart,
beating and pulsing....
I love you, I need you, I have you,

A soldier-at-arms knows 
sacrifice and gain 
and always brave 
to face battle once again.

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