Monday, June 28, 2010

Minute Minnow

A minnow in a pool of thought,
surrounded by shallow water,
endangering its own species.

Once swam massive oceans
currently missing an original sea.
A minuscule wish is encompassing.

Baited by a hook, seeking captivity,
a fish leaves a nook that's comforting,
bidding ado to the abyss, gradually swimming upward.

Sailors and ships are dominating
and unequivocally fleeting,
surpassing tide and current.

Taking new breathe and breathing bubbles,
despondently drowning in subsequent timing,
waiting patiently for the catching drift.

Like a salmon withered in his own demise,
eloquently upholding stature upstream,
a minnow closes in on the path to fresh water.

Flapping, moving rapidly through dissension,
climbing and ascending concrete stairs to Heaven,
swimming with one goal in mind.

Resting and dropping eggs, one fish commissions,
rather impasse to other fish in the sea,
and heads off diligently through the cycle of life.

A small minnow sheds its moss infested scaling,
hiding the life and color waiting within,
slowly breathes and scrapes against the shore.

Evidently awashed by the banks,
wishing to join school once again,
time to recycle death into living.

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