Monday, March 12, 2012

T.E.A.R.S: Together Every Aptitude Reigns Serenely

Don't worry if sad, blue or shaken
albeit it is a part of Divine creation.
While misery smothers the whole,
it is merely a fraction of our existence.
The how and what we do determines our worth.

If lessons in shame, disgust and persecution
does not make us see that these dilemmas
in strife do not equate the dexterity of God,
then it is a uneven sum of  “just desserts”
as though the spirit did not deserve better.

That’s a common mistake that generates hate.
It holds a soul hostage while the
arduous and burdened are chained down.
Restfully, white light careens through the night,
guiding us from tragic thoughts while
resuming to Creation’s natural state.

These feelings rely on gut instinct,
as the body rests in ignorance
and the mind is in battle for a
glimpse or glimmer of the Holy Spirit.
Shedding our dull and sullen souls,
the light vibrates in harmonious tones.

If these events aren't apparent then
seek truth within artistic measures
for chromaticity needs definitive pigment.
Value from every very decision reticulates
the heart, the veins and the blood, like
past, present and future in time.

Our rising from sleep or resting our head,
where we go, what we do, who we see
and how we talk revises the glory
of possibilities, the gratitude of potential as
every action evokes appropriate reaction.

The result rests in synchronicity.
The purpose sits in-between centurion symmetry
with progressive propriety and
gentile stenography, for the ardent search
remembers that the coup de gras belongs
in the Heavens, under God, in the books of time.

While rectifying inappropriate and miscued behavior
and still assistant to the alleviation of another’s demise.
Christ hung on a cross for the forgiveness
of man’s sins, ill nature and destruction.
Resulting in a kingdom before the Almighty,
who rules the universe with kindness, generosity,
elegance and ever endearing love.

For those residing in a realm of uncertainty
the good Lord will push forward with strength.
Attribution and victory within our subtle manners
will attract others as we wonder
what lies ahead in the glory of God.
The peaces of pasts arise in a Kingdom. 

The black and white, good versus evil makes it
a test of substance, faith and solidified beliefs
in religions, mankind and the well being
of an interstellar planet as shared minds
and intellect bear witness to those
who still climb the intermittent steps to Heaven.

For the meek shall inherit the Earth. 
So shall we shed and share tears
because the pain delivers us from evil.
The deflection of affliction allows
the impious to flee damnation. 

Tears are not tears in the soul
but cleansing compassion for enrichment.
As the same waters born from Heaven
gathers and pools together, the shimmer
of light is like a prism in the sun.

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