Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Free Range

Life in simple times for some~ no matter what happened they were appreciated.

Free Range

Environment within entitlement to free days and play.
I was a child
who ran up and down
the hills of yesterday and tomorrow.
It was home to sorrow.

Elementary was complimentary to what was held dear.
Others so far removed
from the impossibilities
imposed on a young heart wanting a beginning
from the earliest start.

Contradiction within dialectal conversation.
Without sounds to echo
my need to be needed
to be wanted was another matter
one that was much sadder.

 Preservation on the reservation was all I had.
I was the shyest
rarely vying for affection.
I was the one following directions.
Survival became tactical and nearly impractical.

Practicality for morality was the means of getting by.
Lies were put upon a small mind
that was bonded to fateful ties.
I was and am a person
before a little child.

I was hoping for some simplicity
 just to stay a little while.
Submitting only to a time
that I defined.
It is how I lived a life.

Faced against the corner, just standing, sitting and waiting
till I got a little older and bolder.
I released my chains
to a higher plane.
Love gave in to sin.

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